GeoInker 脚印客

GeoInker: An Mobile GIS Solution.

GeoInker is an opensource Mobile GIS Solution . You can find the android source code here:

App introduction:

GeoInker is an opensource Android program (and soon will be a Mobile -- android,ios,wm&wf etc. app) which is design to make the normal GIS functions working well on the mobile.

Frankly, this is not an Application, it's an "architecture".

  • The Geo Database GeoInker used is spatialite which is build by android NDK;
  • the UI you can see in GeoInker is HTML elements with mobile css instead of the native Android UI;
  • you may be screamingly for the javascript api provied by PhoneGap and the powerfull js libraries Sencha Touch and openlayers.


Source Code and Apk file

You can download the source file directly here and then complie the apk file in your Eclipse. Or you can use git to get more details of the GeoInker's Delopment:

git clone

Then followed what the README tell you.

If you just want to see what the GeoInker can do, download the apk file only.

Test Data: Spatialite DataBase

The test data is an Spatialite DataBase, which you can even manage it just by using a SQLite Manager.

Confused?! This DataBase is SQLite based and having added many spatial operations to manage the Spatial Data.

If you have leaned something about Spatial Database such as PostGIS,Oracial Spatial, you can understand it well.


I love to see people contributing to GeoInker, whether it's a bug report, feature suggestion or a pull request. At the moment, I try to keep the core slick and lean, focusing on basic Mobile GIS needs, so some of your suggestions might not find their way into GeoInker. For those ideas, I will start a list of 3rd party plugins, where you can link your own GeoInker plug-in repositories. For the future, I'm thinking about ways to easier add them into the main releases.


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